I’m Ben Redmond

I’ve picked up so many tools and tricks to help us get what we want and I want to equip you with them, too. Through my work as a therapist, a father, and small business owner, I’ve learned a lot about changing our own behaviors as well as shaping the behaviors of our children. My needs-based approaches can be personalized to any client, so please reach out if you need a coach to assist you through your growing pains and life transitions.

I’m a Fatherhood and Divorcing Dads Coach for men who want to be their best selves and the best dads they can be even in the hardest of times. Since 2011, I have guided parents and their children in transforming their relationships from yelling, screaming, and tantrums to play, connection, and love.  All of these children were diagnosed with either ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, NAS (born polydrug addicted), PTSD, anxiety, or depression.  Despite these challenges, I worked together with the parents and kids to create a safe home environment founded on structure and filled with reward and fun.  I started this business to take all the tools and skills I gained as a therapist, teacher, and father and pass them on to you. 

I have deep experience with misbehaving children.  I was one; and I was, also, a teacher trying to focus my students’ energy on learning.  As a person with ADHD, I have a lifetime of experience learning how to find the loopholes in systems and how to create structures to direct my energy and that of others in productive and successful directions.  Amongst other things, these experiences have yielded a BA from University of Michigan, a teaching certification from Eastern Michigan University, and a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Marshall University.

As a single-father of two vivacious girls, I peacefully co-parent with their mom.  My relationship has not always been peaceful or free of conflict.  My ex-wife and I worked diligently to create a solid friendship, from which we parent Raya and Sibbie.  This is not what how we dreamed it to be when we were married, but we have created an environment of safety, connection, and love, from which our girls can thrive.  

When not working or engaging in the many activities of a modern-day single-fatherhood, you’ll find me anywhere outside sitting in reflection, just taking it all in or fully engaged at whatever activity at hand: hiking, writing, playing and dancing to live music, kayaking, splitting wood, splashing through mud puddles, chasing my kids at the playground, identifying plants and animals, or just staring up at the sky.  

Please reach out to me if you’re interested in taking a frustrating and upsetting experience of parenting your children to a place of safety, connection, and love.

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