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  • Foundations of Fatherhood – TBA

Fatherhood can knock you down

It can be painfully difficult as a father when you aren’t happy with your child’s behavior. Just as unsure as you are about their behavior, you’re unsure of yours as a parent and a little lost when it comes to your exact role as a father. When you’ve tried different approaches with your children and still aren’t getting the result you want, my fatherhood courses offer an effective needs-based behavioral approach fit for your child’s neurological development. As a therapist and a father, I’ve gained many tools and experiences that I use with my family patients and clients with ADHD, NAS, Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma.

I grew up with ADHD in my childhood, throughout adulthood, and into fatherhood, so I am an expert in shaping my own behavior as well as my children. I believe in viewing parenting—like all things—from multiple perspectives. It’s important to see through the lens of your child and make the connection to your own.