Foundations of Fatherhood Program

Fatherhood is our opportunity to heal the pain you experienced growing from a boy into a man by parenting our children the way you wished you were parented.  Before you had kids, you might have judged parents with misbehaving children harshly; and now that you have your own misbehaving children, you judge and beat yourself up with even more zeal.  What’s worse than your kid’s behavior are the behaviors that you respond to your kids with: parenting as your parents did, something you swore you would never do, but seem unable to stop yourself from doing. 

You thought you knew yourself as a person.  You thought you knew how to parent, but are becoming less and less sure of yourself, partially, because there are so many contradictory messages about parenting.  “Fathers should be firm,” “fathers should be playful,” “fathers should be respected and listened to the first time,” “fathers should be compassionate,” “fathers should lead with vulnerability,” “fathers should be protective,” etc. As with any deep wisdom, fatherhood is wrought with paradox. These paradoxes appear to us as contradictions, and when unattended, develop into “incomplete beliefs” which obstruct and foil our best attempts to teach our kids how to be healthy, functional, successful humans. 

In the Foundations of Fatherhood program, I offer a perspective shift: an understanding of why your kids misbehave, what they need to behave, how their brains and thus their viewpoint on the world is vastly different, and how to leverage love, fun, and connection to build your relationship while improving their behaviors.  

What You Receive When You Join Foundations of Fatherhood
  • 12 group experiential education sessions on Zoom. 3 sessions per month, 2 hours each, on Monday evenings.
  • 4 one-on-one 1 hour sessions with me (value: $1,200), in which I take you deep into removing and/or healing what obstructs you from effectively parenting your kids.
  • Community board for group support, questions, and discussion between group meetings
  • Tailored reflective activities and journal prompts
  • 20 years of behavioral experience
  • Weekly Triad support
The Group Meetings: A Powerful Agent of Change

The group component and relationships you create with other dads are a vital aspect to the program.  Sharing this experience with other dads is incredibly healing.  You’ll realize it’s not that you don’t know what to do, it’s that you haven’t had honest conversations with other dads and think you’re alone in your frustrations with your kids and your own behavior.  As you become more comfortable in the program, you may start to share your “dark secrets” around parenting, your guilt, shame, and confusion.  As you do share and listen to the experiences and thoughts of other fathers, you will learn we are not alone or a failure as a father because other men invariably have had similar experiences.  

You Will Discovery Your Parenting Principles

While I will drop knowledge bombs on you, the most impactful learning is that which you discover in the format of the program.  Through my years of using evidence-based approaches with my clients and their children, I have developed a coherent model for parents to implement with their children.  This framework is founded on structure, limits, and consequences; however, the program finds its power in reframing your understanding of human behavior, your child’s behavior in relation to their brain development, and reward through play, love, affirmation, touch, and quality time.

Topics Covered In Depth: 
  • Why Children Misbehave
  • The Power of Structure, Play, and Reflective Listening
  • How To Effectively Use Reward And Consequences
  • How Evolution and Behaviorism Clash
  • The Brain, Your Behavior And Your Child’s Behavior
  • Evolution’s Role In Emotions And Behavior
  • Trauma and PTSD Prevention
  • Relaxation Response
  • Self-compassion
  • Coherent Framework Of How To Parent

As a therapist, parenting coach, and father with ADHD I’ve gained many tools, techniques, and skills that I have used successfully with my clients with ADHD, ODD, Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD.  Join me and other Fathers to discover how we, parents and children, really work, and how to increase the peace, connection and love in your household.