Break the cycle of generational trauma. Protect your kids from the painful parenting you received. Learn neuroscience-based skills and strategies to stay calm and connected to your kids in their worst moments. Create the safe, respectful, and playful relationship you’ve always dreamed of with your kids. 


Topics Covered in Course

  • Coherent framework of how to parent
  • How neuroscience has improved parenting strategies
  • The power of structure, play, and reflective listening
  • How to heal with your child when you fuck up
  • How to make your kids feel safe, loved, and empowered in one easy step
  • Let’s talk about trauma and the relaxation response
  • Saying “no” while allowing for feelings

What You Receive When You Join How To NOT  F*ck Up My Kids

  • 4 group experiential education sessions on Zoom at 7pm (EST) on 3/20, 3/27, 4/3, and 4/17
  • Community board for group support, questions, and discussion between group meetings
  • Tailored reflective activities and journal prompts
  • 20 years of behavioral experience
  • Weekly accountability groups to be there for you as you practice your new skills



Level up your parenting game. Navigate the toughest moments with your kids in a secure, connected, and loving way with therapist and coach, Ben Redmond.  

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Course dates:

March 20 & 27, April 3 & 17 (Mondays at 7-9pm EST) on Zoom video conference