There are those times when you just don’t know what to do as a parent.  You’ve used grounding, time out, yelling, and even bribing, but nothing seems to work. You envisioned parenthood very differently from what you’re experiencing. When you’ve tried a variety of approaches with your children and still aren’t getting the result you want, when you have begun acting in ways you said you’d never act (like your parents did), it might be time to reach out to me, Ben Redmond. 

Since 2011, I have worked with parents and children in constant discord.  I have studied and integrated various modalities and approaches into a coherent framework for guiding parents to discover how they themselves can successfully parent.  Modalities I have studied and integrate include Attachment Theory, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (based on mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing (a treatment for PTSD), Motivational Interviewing, Reality Therapy, and Behaviorism, neurological development, all couched in and understanding of the context in which humans evolved.  

My framework offers a perspective shift to help you understand why your kids misbehave, what they need to behave, how their brains and thus their perspective of the world is vastly different, and how to leverage love, fun, and connection to build your relationship while improving their behaviors.

While my Coaching services are targeted toward Fathers and Divorcing Dads, modifying your home parenting system is best integrated when all parents are involved: all parents are invited. Reach out to me and discover how we can ease your path through the trials and unknown territory of your adventures in parenting.